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October 2000 Urban Field Experiments in Salt Lake City

Continuous Data

Data Type Organization Title Description Files
Reflectivity profile LLNL Ceilometer An enhanced lidar ceilometer was operated in order to provide continuous and detailed boundary layer information.
Sodar DPG Sodar on Federal Building. The Aerovironment model 4000 Mini-SODAR was installed on the roof of the Bennett Feceral Building, located at 110 South, 50 East.
Surface met. NOAA/FRD Surface met at Raging Waters Surface meteorological observations taken on a 10-m tower at the Raging Waters complex.
Sodar NOAA/FRD raging waters Upper-air meteorological data acquired by a Doppler sodar at the Raging Waters complex.
radar profiler NOAA/FRD Upper air at Raging Waters Upper-air meteorological data acquired by a Radian 915-MHz phased-array radar wind profiler at the Raging Waters complex.
Surface met. DPG PWIDS Ten portable meteorological stations (PWIDS) were fielded for the test. Collected were one-minute averages of wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and humidity.
Temperature PNNL Ambient temperature Ambient temperatue at 54 locations.
Surface towers PNNL Eleven surface stations Eleven surface meteorological stations.
Met tower LLNL Blue Goose Several meteorological sensors were mounted on a telescoping lift located on 500 South between 200 and 300 East