Modeler's Kit

This is the ReadMe file for the Modeler's Kit. Each file in the Modeler's Kit is described.

1. Topography

These files use NetCDF programs. The NetCDF User's Guide is located here.

a. slc_100m_80km.cdf (Right-click on link and save file to local storage)
This file follows NetCDF, elevations, UTM projection, 80km x 80km for Salt Lake City Basin, 100m resolution.

b. slc_geo_x_000000_0000.cdf (Right-click on link and save file to local storage)
Example of a 3D grid that one might build from the elevations above, NetCDF format, 50km x 50km, 501 x 501 x 27 gridpoints.

2. Buildings

a. The following links are starting points for obtaining building geometry data. The user is responsible for adapting and verifying data.

b. Examples of shapefiles and assorted auxiliary files. These files are for the Salt Lake City downtown area. They can be read with a CAD package or a shapefile reader. (Right-click the links below and save file to local storage)

3. Surface Characteristic Data